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Your doubts may clear here!

You can able to download the individual product for three time within a week. After a week you can’t able to download the product. If you want the same product you have to pay again. 

Open the file in illustrator/Photoshop (the file format are mentioned in the description of the each product).

illustrator – Open the appearance panel (Windows – Appearance), then edit your design.

Photoshop – Open the layer panel (Windows – Layers), then edit your design.

If you set the currency as:

  • Rupees (INR) – you can pay via Razorpay (Debit/Credit card, UPI, Net banking, etc) or via PayPal.
  • Dollar (USD) – you can pay via PayPal (you can also checkout without PayPal account by choosing Debit or Credit Card option).

We recommend:

  • If you are in India set the currency as INR and pay via Razarpay.
  • If you are in outside India set the currency as USD and pay via PayPal. 

Currency changer is in the bottom of the site.

Yes we give free design, every week we renew the design. Download your designs.

After you purchase successfully. You can download your product in your profile page.

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